Archbishop of Canterbury: Trump would be 'very challenging' as US President

The Archbishop of Canterbury expressed his reservations about US Presidential candidate Donald Trump this morning in an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

"It would certainly be very challenging, wouldn't it?" said Justin Welby, in the primate's first comment on the US presidential election.

Welby: I have never worn pyjamas to take my children to schoolITV / Good Morning Britain

The attention of the programme's hosts, Piers Morgan and Sussanna Reid, varied throughout the interview and Welby had to field questions on his past as an oil executive, his time at the world economic forum in Davos, his take on current oil prices and teaching school children about money.

A rather startled Archbishop was suddenly asked what his opinions were on the Republican frontrunner and he paused before expressing his doubts.

Welby also confirmed he had never worn his pyjamas to take his children to school, following comments from one headmaster criticising adults who wore night-wear at the school gates.

On Davos he said "it was a very, very interesting experience" and on falling oil prices he said it was "unbelievably good news" for most people around the world, especially those in poorer areas.

The primate used the opportunity to highlight his message for Holocaust Memorial Day, urging viewers to focus on the day's theme "don't stand by". When instances of hate crime, however small or large, occur we have a responsibility to intervene, said Welby.

It is not enough to say "I'm in my little bubble", he explained.

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