Alice Cooper starts his day with the Bible, prayer and coffee

Rocker Alice Cooper may be famed for his stage shows that feature guillotines, electric chairs and fake blood, but offstage he is a devout Christian who starts and ends each day with prayer. 

The shock rock singer brought up his Christian faith in an interview with The Times newspaper in which he said that reading the Bible puts him "in a positive frame of mind". 

"I'm up before the sun; 5 am is my time. Straight out of bed, make a cup of coffee, grab my Bible, then spend the next hour reading and praying," he said. 

"I read a couple of chapters a day. This is my 12th reading. It puts me in a positive frame of mind."

Cooper said he is "rarely" in bed later than 11pm and "then I pray for a while".

He ended the interview with his thoughts on the devil and how people often have the wrong idea. 

"I believe in Heaven and Hell. People think of the devil with horns and a pointy tail. Man, you are so far off the mark," Cooper said.

"The devil is going to be the best-looking, smoothest-talking guy in the room. He's going to make you feel like a million bucks. But you better watch out because he's got a whole different set of plans for you."

Cooper's Christian faith often comes up in interviews. 

During a visit a few years ago to Parkside Church in Cleveland, pastored by Alistair Begg, the 74-year-old said it was Christianity that "got hold of my life and turned me upside down, which was really to turn me the right way up".

"There's a spiritual hunger going on. Everybody feels it. If you don't feel it now, you will. Trust me. You will," he said.

"Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's the real rebellion."