Alice Cooper saved me from witchcraft, says former white witch


A former white witch has credited rocker Alice Cooper for inspiring her to leave the craft behind. 

Simone Peer told CBN News that she had always thought 'white witchcraft' was "divine and heavenly", and the "good side" of the occult. 

She got into the occult through her mother, who regularly visited psychics, and grew up thinking that "horoscopes, numerology, the Ouija board, seeing ghosts, psychic phenomenon, was normal."

As an adult, she started practising in white magic, but something didn't feel right. 

"There were so many things about the spiritual path that I loved and that made me feel happy. However, my life was a contradiction. I also was in just the deepest, darkest pit. This is the beautiful deception," she said. 

Eventually, she realized that white witchcraft wasn't as "heavenly" as she thought it was and she started looking for answers elsewhere.

In 2017, she stumbled upon a video of Cooper sharing his testimony about how becoming a Christian saved him from alcoholism. 

"I realized that I was an ambassador for Satan," Peer said.

"I didn't even know what it meant to have Jesus. I didn't understand it at all. I just knew that my heart cracked open; I knew that He was there, and I knew I was a 'Yes'."

She didn't just put her faith in Jesus for the first time. She also repented for all of her witchcraft, threw away the occult objects she owned, and started going to church.

"What really stood out to me was the thinking that I was God, the thinking that my spells were not manipulations of other people and other things," she said.

"And I just said it out loud and raised my hand to God, and I pleaded and repented and prayed over myself." 

She added, "I have no idea how many demons I was delivered from. I noticed in my heart and spirit I felt free." 

Now Peer is a certified life coach and pointing others to Jesus the way Cooper did for her. 

"For those who walked the same path that I did, Jesus is the answer that you are looking for. He truly is," she said.