A letter to my unborn child

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I thought it necessary to write you this letter as I sit on my comfy chair thinking about this mystery called life. It's my 28th year on this spinning ball called earth. It's crazy how time flies!

Time runs fast so make use of every minute you are given. You must learn how to war as soon as you can speak for there is an ancient battle for the souls of men, and the enemy doesn't care how young you are; he will bombard you with images till he gains access, so give him not even an inch.

I have seen young and old carried away by the waves of deception sweeping the entire earth, so watch and pray lest you fall prey to that ancient serpent. You must guard your heart with all diligence because out of it proceeds life's issues.

We are in the last days and the enemy knows his time is short; he has come with great wrath, but the word of God remains our shield from the lies of that ancient serpent. You will need to learn to meditate daily on God's word as soon as possible for this is the only way to stay free from the mass delusion sweeping the earth. The word of God will not just educate you, but it will guard your heart against the lies of that old serpent.

As much as you learn to meditate, you will also need to learn to pray. I urge you to spend time daily in prayer as soon as you can speak for by so doing, you will become a warrior fit for the captain's use. Age does not determine your authority in the spirit—your revelation does.

As you meditate, also pray fervently that you may grow daily into the image of Christ. There are a thousand and one things these days that steal the time of God's children, so you must learn to cultivate the discipline of saying no to the countless distractions of this age.

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To live in this age in the light of God's truth, you must know your identity in Christ. The enemy has gone out into the world convincing people they are something they are not, so know this: you are created in God's image, and you are who God says you are. If you live by feelings, you will be swept away for your feelings may be false.

You were not designed to live by your feelings, but to live by the Spirit. So, pay attention to the gentle nudging of the Spirit of God which is within you as you journey through this life.

As the serpent deceived Eve, he will also try to deceive you. His goal remains the same: to make you think that you can become like God without God. To achieve this goal, he has spread the lie that man is a god unto himself, and he can make his own truth. Pay no attention to such delusions for truth originates from God's law and not from the subjectivities of man's ever-changing feelings.

Since the delusion of the subjectivity of truth has swept the world, cowardice has also increased. The wise ones have been told to speak no more, while the barbarians spread their rage and illusions with pride. To not be a part of the lie, you will need to be bold to speak the truth. Speaking the truth may provoke the rage of the mob of barbarians, but do not participate in the lies, for that is what noblemen do.

If you keep these instructions, you will be like a tree planted by the riverside. You will provoke many, but you will inspire many; you will bring so much light and joy to many.

I pray that above all things, you will know the voice of wisdom.