5 Signs That a Path Is Not God's Will for You

About this time last year, my family and I drove to a nearby city that we didn't know very well. My wife and I took turns at the steering wheel throughout the trip. There was one instance when I almost got us in trouble while my wife was driving and I was navigating.

At one point I felt that we were lost but just didn't have the heart to admit it (as do all men, right?). So I tried to look for a way back. I told my wife to take a turn and she hesitantly followed. To our horror, I had led our family into a one-way road with heavy traffic and we were going the wrong direction.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a similar situation: We move so sincerely through seasons, jobs, callings, ministries and relationships, thinking it's God's will, only to realise we were wrong the whole time.

God's will is an important aspect to life. Proverbs 19:21 reminds us, "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand."

How can we be sure that we're not walking in the wrong calling and are actively pursuing what God has called us to do?

Here are five signs that a path is not God's will for you and that you should get off that route at once.

1. A Constant Frustration

Walking a path can get frustrating when a few bumps and ditches come our way. But when we see too many ditches and it's obviously not the road anymore, we can get frustrated constantly. This constant frustration should be a sign that we're going the wrong way and need to double back.

2. Frequent Burnouts

Frustration in small increments is natural, but frequent frustration is a sign we're on the wrong path. The same goes true for burnouts. Sometimes Jesus calls you to rest in Him (Matthew 11:28) because He wants to sit you down and tell you that you're on the wrong track.

3. Several Closed Doors

It's been said that when a door closes, another one will open. But what happens when it seems all doors are closed? When migration papers, job applications, relationships and the like keep shutting, it means we're probably going the wrong way.

4. A Diminishing Relationship With Christ

Beyond anything, God's call is supposed to help us grow more in our reliance and relationship with Jesus. Hence, if a calling pulls us away from an intimacy with Him, we can be assured that we're going the wrong way.

5. Minimal Impact Upon Others

Our calling should not just be a blessing to us but to as many people around us as possible. When no one except yourself is benefitting from a path, we're probably not walking in God's best route, which always works together for the good of as many people as we might come into contact with.