5 Christian songs to play at parties


Whether it's a birthday party, a graduation party, a friendly gathering, you can play Christian party songs to lighten up the mood while remembering God at the same time. You can ditch the songs with sexual innuendos and play upbeat Christian party songs instead. Not only will this make your Christian guests happy, it will also show your non-Christian guests that Christian songs are worth checking out. So if you have a party soon, put these songs on full blast.

1. The Lost Get Found (Neon Feather Remix) - Britt Nicole

A very upbeat song from Britt Nicole, "The Lost Get Found" is a great song to keep the party alive. Nicole sings about how we can extend kindness to everyone and what that kindness can do. It's an inspiring song that motivates you to go out there and preach the gospel to the lost.

2. Man Up Anthem – 116 Clique (Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo, and Sho Baraka)

Are you a fan of rap and hiphop music? Awesome! Not all rappers rap about women and crime, there are also rappers out there who rap about God. The 116 Clique is all the Christian rappers together in one group, making "Man Up Anthem" a very special song. This song talks about how to man up to your responsibilities as a man and as a steward of God.

3. Shackles – Mary Mary

If there's one song that will get everybody on their feet and singing at the top of their lungs, it's Shackles. This classic Christian song is so irresistible; your bones will naturally move to its beat! Everybody loves this song, making it a must-have in your party playlist.

4. Down In Flames - Matthew Parker

Keep the mood high and positive with house music. Matthew Parker's "Down In Flames" will fulfill that purpose, while letting everybody know that without God. Can you imagine a packed room dancing to a Christian EDM song? Now, that's a wonderful sight to see!

5. Real Love - Hillsong Young & Free

Another Christian EDM song that must be in your party playlist is "Real Love" from Hillsong Young & Free. The moment you hear its first beat, you'll know that this is a song that will get you jiving with your friends. It's a great song to keep everyone's spirit high, without forgetting what God's real love is about. Don't fail to check out the other party songs from Hillsong Young & Free.