5 Christian rock band you may not know


Back in the day, rock music was frowned upon by the church. Many believed that rock bands were under the influence of the devil, which is why the church didn't play such music. As time passed, the church became more open-minded with music and now there are plenty of rock bands out there that play Christian music. We should welcome diversity in the music we listen to as long as it praises Christ. If you're into rock music, give these bands a try.

1. Skillet

You've probably heard of Skillet as they're the most popular Christian rock band there is today. They've gained a solid following through the years with their crossover appeal. Skillet doesn't only attract Christians with their music, they also have a huge fanbase in mainstream circles. And yet, they have not dwindled on their faith despite the success. Listen to "Feel Invisible," "Monster," and "Savior."

2. Pillar

Pillar is a Christian rock band that emerged in the '00s. While their first album wasn't much of a hit, the second album "Fireproof" became a huge success. It's title song "Fireproof" was also the most popular song to come out of that album. In 2015, Pillar released "One Love Revolution" after taking a break for a year. This album reached #8 in the 2015 Top Christian Albums chart. Do make time to listen to this.

3. P.O.D.

P.O.D. stands for Payable on Death, and is a Christian nu metal band. Looking at them, you'd feel a bit intimated as they do look like the typical metal rock band. However, there's more than meets the eye. They started in the '90s and focused on a mix of rap and metal songs. They weren't a big hit at first, but when they released their album "Satellite" in 2001, it gave the band a following. Do listen to the tracks "Alive," "Boom," and "Youth of the Nation," as well as their other albums.

4. Kutless

Kutless is a Christian rock band that found immediate success with their 2002 album. What makes Kutless unique is that they create hard rock music and worship music at the same time, and both types of songs have been well-received. If you're into hard rock music, listen to "Run," "Tonight," and "Your Touch." If you want something softer, listen to "What Faith Can Do."

5. Switchfoot

If you're Christian, you definitely know about Switchfoot. They've been around the Christian music scene for over 20 years now and are pretty much a household name. Some of their most popular Christian songs are "Only Hope," "New Way to Be Human," and a personal favorite "Dare You to Move." Switchfoot did try to crossover genres back in 2003, but the band made it a point to not sacrifice their values and beliefs for fame. Switchfoot already have a Grammy to their name as well as more than a dozen of Dove Awards.

So if you're looking to add more Christian songs to your playlist, these are the bands you should listen to. Their music will add variety to your playlist. And remember, don't judge a book by its cover. Rock bands, even metal bands aren't necessarily bad. They just have a different kind of sound but at its core is a heart fully surrendered to the Lord.