3 reasons why it's important to know your unchanging worth in the eyes of God


Figuring out our value in a world in which we're faced with so many conflicting messages isn't always easy. But it's essential that we understand our own worth because how we see ourselves and believe that others see us influences almost everything we do. From how we choose to spend our money and our spare time to how we interact with others and what we think when we're alone, if we have an overly high perception of our self worth in relation to others, then we could end up mistreating those who we don't consider as valuable as us. On the other hand, if we have a very low view of our own value, then we may end up being mistreated by others or misunderstanding God.

We can build up a better picture of who we are and how much we matter when we study God's word and get to know Him. One of the best ways to discern how much someone values something is to see how they treat it. It's clear to see that someone values something when they love it, protect it from harm, and pay attention to it. God does all this and more for His people and the Bible provides us with evidence of this.

Next time you read your Bible, why not take a few minutes to single out instances where God's actions demonstrate how He loves and values His children. In the meantime, here are three reasons why it's important to understand your unchanging worth in the eyes of God.

You're more vulnerable to being used by other people
God is the only one who we should allow to use us. When God uses us we can be sure that it's to carry out His works and to do good, but the same can't be said when it comes to other people. People who are only concerned with pursuing their own agenda can quickly spot those who think that they're worthless.

We shouldn't be ashamed of believing that we are important enough to be cared about and cared for. Christ's love for us is phenomenal. His death for our sins shows us that. Realising that this greatest love is available to us without us having to impress anyone is powerful protection against the lies of those who'd have us believe otherwise.

You can more easily succumb to temptation
It's not just an underestimation of our self-worth that can lead us into trouble, an exaggerated one can cause us many problems too.

If our ideas of our self-worth peg us above others, we can end up assuming that we're owed things from them, and even from God. This can lead us to pursuing unrighteous paths, failing to wait and have faith in God's timing and giving into sin in a bid to find fulfilment.  We have value, but that value comes through the redemption of our lives through the cost paid by Christ Jesus.

You can achieve more when you know who you're doing it for
Knowing that what you do matters to someone is a source of great motivation.When those who surround you couldn't care less about your achievements, don't let this hold you back because God is always watching and there you to support you when no one else will. Reminding ourselves that God pays attention to our actions, big and small, can also help us make sure that they give glory to Him and we can, in turn, push ourselves to do better. While some goals that we set ourselves may seem impressive to our friends and families, God knows what we're truly capable of and what's more, He'll help us to accomplish everything.