Religious people most likely to adopt in England

(Photo: Roli Seeger)

Religious people are most likely to adopt in England, new research has revealed.

The study was carried out on behalf of the Department for Education and published by adoption information service First4Adoption.

Of those surveyed, over half (55%) of those who said they were "certain" or "very likely" to adopt a child described themselves as "actively practising a religion".

First4Adoption said that although 4,600 children in England were currently waiting to be adopted and the rate of adoption had risen by 15% in recent years, more adopters were needed to meet demand.

The research revealed that people with an active faith who were considering adoption were doing so out of a sense of giving something back to the community and an awareness of the emotional benefits that adoption would bring to a child in need.

First4Adoption and Home for Good - an Evangelical Alliance campaign - have come together to launch a new dedicated adoption information line for faith communities (on 0300 222 5950) where they can speak to friendly advisers.

The launch coincided with the first ever National Adoption Sunday held in churches over the weekend.

First4Adoption and Home for Good are concerned that many people with an active faith mistakenly believe that they are not suitable to adopt.

Some believe their age and marital status will affect their eligibility, while others wrongly think it is their faith that will prevent them from being approved.

Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption, said she was delighted to be working with Home for Good to encourage more people from faith communities to come forward.

The Evangelical Alliance's Dr Krish Kandiah, who is an adoptive parent, said: "We are very pleased to be working with First4Adoption, as it will provide those considering adoption with easy access to essential information.

"Through our network of 15,000 churches we can offer a fantastic route for finding and supporting adoptive parents.

"Working with First4Adoption builds on the work we are already doing with adoption agencies to encourage more people to consider adopting one of the many children who need a loving family."

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