Can the American Gospel save America?

Are we witnessing the end of US hegemony in the world? Are we witnessing the end of the US as we know it? Some will wish that it were so. For them the end of the US is good news – although they have no idea what the world would be like without the US. For me and many others, we are watching the decline of the US with a growing sense of dread. Is there no good news?

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'Get your knee off our necks' - Rev Al Sharpton calls for change at George Floyd's memorial

In his eulogy for George Floyd at a memorial service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thursday, civil rights activist Rev Al Sharpton declared that now is the right time for the United States to reform its criminal justice system and promised to march on Washington come August to get it. …

No place like home: the place of the Temple in the Jewish religion

There are many Christians who mistakenly think that we Jews hang onto the Temple and synagogue as the be all and end all of worship. Far from it. …

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