Facing A Decision Decision? 10 Bible Verses When You Don't Know Where To Turn

While we trust that God cares deeply about our choices, it's especially hard when He appears to be silent.


Betrayal: How to Be Healed and Trust Again

Are you suffering from the pain caused by the betrayal of a friend, loved one, or fellow Christian? Here are three ways to be healed and live a life free from the pain of betrayal.


What to Do When Tomorrow Seems So Scary

No matter how much we prepare, or save money for, or even stock up on food or other kinds of preparation one might think, the truth remains that tomorrow is not in our hands to control.But one thing we do know is that God sees our tomorrow, is holding it, and wants us to trust Him for it.


Why God Allows So Much Suffering in Our Lives

Suffering is a constant thing while we live on earth. Whether it's a small amount of pain or a relatively large problem, all humans from all nations, socioeconomic statuses, and educational backgrounds face suffering. Why?


Why Being Patient Doesn't Mean Doing Nothing

Being patient doesn't mean that we have nothing to do. There is a lot to do, but we don't often see the importance of the role that we play in seeing promises come to fulfilment.