Saying 'sorry' is hard, but forgiveness can change the world

When we're little children, we do it because we're told to. When we're adults, we begin to realise that saying sorry may be hard, but not saying sorry is even harder.


Fearful about the future? Here are 4 prayers you can say

When we have reservations about something or don't know which way to turn, it's reassuring to acknowledge that God has a plan. Each of these prayers reflect that reality, and our need to pray when our own plans don't work out.


Prophet and preacher: Who was John the Baptist?

Today is the nativity of St John the Baptist, a lesser-known Christian feast day celebrating the birth of the prophet who foretold the coming of Jesus Christ the messiah, whom he later baptised.


Can a Christian be unhappy?

While we know for a fact that there is exceedingly abundant joy in the presence of Christ, can it really be possible for Christians to experience unhappiness?