Why We Should Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously: 7 Fun Looks At Evangelical Christian Culture

No one in life should take themselves too seriously, and certainly not Christians. Here are seven fun videos that lovingly but provocatively mock evangelical Christian subculture


3 Characteristics Of A Jonathan In Your Life

Jonathan was a remarkable Bible figure in the Old Testament. We all need a Jonathan in our lives. Don't think so? Here are some of his characteristics that make having a friend like him very precious.


3 Ways Christians Take On The Enemy's Role

There are a great many Christians who are living their lives the way the enemy wants them to, lives that Christ Jesus would be sad about. "No, I'm a Christian," you might say, but even those who believe in Christ aren't exempted from demonic influence.


3 Strategies For Online Soul-Protection

I've found my experience online has grown darker lately. My Facebook timeline has fewer happy snaps of family holidays, less encouragement and hilarity, not as many links to edifying blogs or stimulating podcasts.