Prayer roadshow to criss cross UK

The organisers of the National Day of Prayer have announced plans for a prayer roadshow to visit towns and cities across the UK.

The roadshow is the follow-up to the day of prayer for the nation which brought 30,000 Christians to Wembley Stadium in September.

Organisers hope to engage with some of the people who were at Wembley and many more who couldn't make it on the day but have a heart to pray for the nation.

Churches are being invited to sign up to host one of the stops on the roadshow, which is being run in conjunction with United Christian Broadcasters and the Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

"You came to Wembley and now we would like to come to you," said roadshow organisers.


"Let's work together to reach this Nation for Jesus."

If you want the roadshow to come to your town, register at

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