Woman who didn't want to look pregnant on holiday says she was sent abortion pills

A BPAS abortion clinic(Photo: Google Street View)

Christian Concern has accused the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) of illegally posting abortion pills to a woman who said she did not want to look pregnant on her summer holiday. 

The woman, named only as 'Saskia', made the call to BPAS as part of an undercover investigation by Christian Concern into DIY abortions at home, which were permitted by the Government during lockdown. 

Regulations were relaxed after the start of the pandemic to allow women to receive abortion pills in the post after a telephone or video consultation with a doctor. 

In the video footage, Saskia can be heard telling a midwife from BPAS that she "didn't want to worry about looking pregnant on the beach" and that being pregnant was "emotionally draining". 

Saskia received the pills in the post a few days later. 

Abortion is permitted in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy in England, Scotland and Wales if doctors agree that having the baby poses a greater risk to physical or mental health than aborting the pregnancy. 

Christian Concern said its volunteer 'mystery clients' had all received pills in the post from BPAS and another abortion provider, Marie Stopes, despite providing false names, dates of birth and gestational dates. 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said: "This is what the abortion industry wants. Abortion pills on demand, no questions asked. So it is sadly not a surprise that they are prepared to give out abortion pills for a bikini body. The life of the unborn child is worth less than a bikini selfie.

"In their world, the unborn child is inconvenient and irrelevant. The physical and emotional care of the woman also appears to be something they don't care about.

"Abortion pills through the post is wide open to abuse and women's lives endangered.

"The service needs to be stopped immediately and a thorough investigation needs to occur around the legality and practices of the two major abortion providers in the UK."

When BPAS was contacted about the allegations, a spokesperson for the organisation denied any wrongdoing.

In response to the claims, the spokesperson said: "Stop squandering precious NHS resources in a pointless and fraudulent exercise to prove what is already known - BPAS provides safe, compassionate and lawful care to every woman who needs us." 

Marie Stopes has said that the mystery volunteers "were able to access safe care without risk to themselves or their families at a time when the NHS is under huge pressure and many services are not available".