What does the Bible say about "soulmates"?


Many people, singles especially, believe in what they call "soulmates."

They believe that a soulmate is someone who is "ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner." They believe that when they meet their soulmate, they'll instantly jive with each other and have that inexplicable and undeniable "chemistry."

Simply put, they believe that a soulmate is a "mate" of the "soul" - someone who connects with another in a way that's both deep and personal, special, one-of-a-kind and almost other-worldly.

Some Christians even believe this, explaining that a soulmate is "God's gift to them."

Well, what does the Bible have to say about soulmates? Is it Biblical, and approved by God?

In a cinch: no.


Culture loves to plant things in our minds, especially things pertaining to romantic relationships.

Many singles, hoping and looking for "the right one," hope to meet someone who would be a perfect match for them; someone who would be fun to be with for their whole lifetime.

As such, many of us entertain the idea of a soulmate: someone whose fate is intertwined with us, dictated "by the universe."

Christians, however, should know better.

The Bible does not make mention of a soulmate anywhere in its pages.

  • It does not describe how a God-fearing man gets "lucky" and meets a God-fearing woman "by chance."
  • It does not give us stories of how the stars or the wind or the leaves tell a person to leave his homeland in search of a lover in some strange land.
  • It does not inspire us to throw caution to the wind and consider anybody we feel chemistry with as "God's will" for us.

This is what culture teaches us.

If we believe these things, we'll soon find ourselves in deep trouble, regretting our foolishness for the rest of our lives.

Biblical teachings

The Bible's teachings are true and are usually contradictory to what culture teaches.

  • It teaches us faith in God, who can give us Godly friends and even a God-fearing spouse.
  • It teaches us to live by faith in the Son of God, who allowed us to be blessed with all the heavenly blessings God had prepared for us.
  • It teaches us to be wise and avoid making foolish decisions we'll regret and faces consequences from.
  • It teaches us to die to ourselves and love others unconditionally - for husbands, they are to love their wives like Christ loved the church - and that means loving the "real person" not a Snapchat filter version, loving them with all you've got despite their flaws, annoying habits, and less charming qualities.

So, does the Bible teach about soulmates?

No, it doesn't teach about soulmates. It only teaches us to love God above all and to love our neighbors as ourselves.