Upcoming supernatural TV series 'Preacher' draws flak for featuring pastor possessed by son of demon and angel

British actor Dominic Cooper from 'Marvel's Agent Carter' will portray the role of Reverend Jesse Custer in AMC's 'Preacher' adaptation.(Wikipedia)

Even before it could release its new supernatural drama series called "Preacher," AMC network is already facing a backlash from Christian viewers after learning that the show's main character is the child of an angel and a demon who possesses the body of a pastor.

The show is based on a comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, according to io9.

Its lead character is named Genesis, the unlikely child of a demon and angel. Genesis possesses the body of a preacher named Jesse Custer, who is then given the ability to make people do anything he wants.

"But it also demolishes his faith," reviewer Germain Lussier writes. "He then goes off on a quest, along with his criminal girlfriend Tulip and new best friend, a drunken Irish vampire named Cassidy, to literally find God. There's Heaven, Hell, angels, demons, [and] ultra violence."

Executive producer Sam Catlin says Genesis "hasn't given up on God" in the beginning of the series, and even tries to embrace the preacher lifestyle. However, Genesis will not spend most of his time giving sermons in church.

Catlin also gushed about "the characters, the exuberance of the world—like anything can [expletive] happen." He said the makers of the series brought together the most unexpected characters—vampires, angels, Satan and even sex detectives.

But as much as Catlin is raving about the show, people are already expressing concern about it.

"To put it bluntly, there's a whole mess featuring our blasphemous 'Preacher' hero Jesse (Dominic Cooper), a deadbeat God gone missing, a cult obsessed with bringing on World War III and a few horrible angels to boot," a review from Zap2It reads.

"Face facts—it's going to stink," another viewer commented.

Another commenter said he will "reserve judgment until the show airs."

The pilot episode of "Preacher" will air on May 22, 2016.