Twilight star says he and wife relied on Christian faith to get through stillbirth of baby girl

Lutz as Emmett Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart in Twilight(Photo: Maverick Films)

Twilight star Kellan Lutz has said he is "so grateful" for his Christian faith after he and his wife Brittany experienced the tragic stillbirth of their baby girl in February. 

Lutz, who these days is starring in CBS drama, FBI: Most Wanted, opened up about their heartbreaking loss in an interview with LaPalme magazine. 

He said that although their baby girl is gone, they are "grateful" that she is in Heaven. 

"There is no easy way, but I'm just so grateful for our faith and sharing the blood of Jesus Christ," he said. 

"We don't have all the understanding in the world. There are some tough days where you'll see the sonogram, and you'll see her cute little nose that she had.

"But then again, we are so grateful she is in heaven, and we remind ourselves that she didn't have to come into this world and deal with heartbreak, and she gets to be with Jesus. It's bittersweet." 

Despite going through such a tragedy, he said he was "happy to trust" that he and his wife will one day have a big family. 

The couple have been outspoken about their faith on social media since going through the loss. Lutz recently shared on Instagram that he "can't wait to try again when the time is right God willing". 

He quoted from Ecclesiastes 3, as he said that he was believing that "there is a time for everything" and that while he has "had my season of mourning", he is now "ready to dance".

Brittany also shared her thoughts on Instagram, saying that although she didn't know why it happened, she had "such peace" knowing that her daughter was "in the arms of Jesus now and one day we will get to meet you for real". 

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After tragedy or heartache it can be tempting to shut down so you don’t feel pain. Aka survival mode. But when you shut yourself off to pain, you also shut yourself off to the things that can bring you joy too. I’ve done that in the past. More than once. I can tell you from experience it takes a LOT of work to soften your heart after you’ve let it go hard. ⁣ Throughout the last two weeks I’ve worked SO hard to remain soft. As much as I’m tired of falling apart, and want to be done finding myself crying in a ball on the floor, if I allowed myself to fall into the temptation to shut down, I know I’d be missing those special moments that have made me smile and laugh and feel happy again. ⁣ Today Kel and I were walking after church and I saw this sidewalk full of hearts. Instead of being numb to avoid all the things that remind me of being pregnant just two short weeks ago, I was able to see a sidewalk full of hearts as a little hug for my heart letting me know God’s got us. He’s not done writing my story. Like my doctor said the day I found out our sweet baby girl didn’t have a heartbeat anymore: “This isn’t the end of your story. This is just a crappy chapter, but you’re going to get through this.” ⁣ ⁣ If you’re having a crappy chapter, this isn’t the end of your story either! You’re gonna get through this. But keep your soft heart! The world needs it! ⁣ ????❤️????????????????

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