Trump doesn't understand how any Catholics could support Biden

(Photo: CNBC)

After being touted as the most pro-life US president ever, Donald Trump believes his successor to be the exact opposite. 

Speaking to CBN News, Trump questioned how any Catholic could support Joe Biden because of his strong support for abortion. 

"If you look at his policies, and if you look at what he's doing to religion, and organized religion, if you look at what's going on, I don't know how the Catholic Church can be supportive of him," he told the broadcaster. 

Trump has been hinting at running again for president in 2024 but has not yet made any decision official.

In the interview, Trump was asked if there was anything that might stop him from making another bid for the White House. 

He said "a bad call from a doctor."

"You get that call and say, 'sir, how you doing? Come on down here and see us because we got a bad report, right?'... so things happen through God, they happen, but I feel so good and I hate what's happening to our country," he said. 

Trump also spoke against Covid-19 vaccine mandates, saying, "You have to allow people their freedoms."

Despite being a Catholic, Biden's pro-abortion stance differs massively from the pro-life Church. 

Contrasting the teaching of the Catholic Church, Biden recently said he does not agree that life starts at conception. 

"I have been— continue to be a strong supporter of Roe V. Wade," he said.

"I respect people who don't support Roe v. Wade. I respect their views. I respect those who believe life begins at the moment of conception and all, I respect that, I don't agree, but I respect that, not going to impose that on people."