'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date: Haise Sasaki or Touka Kirishima rumored to be the new protagonist

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Fans can't wait for the arrival of "Tokyo Goul's" third season, especially now that it is speculated to bring forward a new protagonist, either Haise Sasaki or Touka Kirishima.

Vine Report mentioned that the upcoming season will feature Sasaki as the new main hero, or it may still be Kaneki Ken, who is in disguise, but the hair gave it away. Sasaki and Ken, strangely, have the same hairstyle but offer a different shade, said to be black and white for the speculated new hero.

It also mentioned that Ken opted not to bring his memory back and decided to surrender to the Commission of Counter Ghoul or CCG.  He then decided to be a Ghoul Investigator instead and use the name Sasaki. Fans will only be able to prove this theory when the show's third season arrives.

Meanwhile, MovieNewsGuide reported earlier that the involvement of Mad House Entertainment in season 3's production may put the character of Kirishima on the limelight, and the season also focus on the education institution, To-Oh University.  This is believed to be the manga/anime counterpart of the real Toho University in Japan.  Another anime also included To-Oh University, "Death Note," which was produced by the same studio, Madhouse.

It is also speculated that the upcoming season will be a bit off course from its manga counterpart. Based on the latest reports, the anime will only be adopting some of the story arcs from the manga and not the whole portion.  The first season was based on the manga, while the second one deviated from the source. Many would like to go back to the manga's story. They even want to reboot the whole series. However, there are also other fans who prefer to see it have its own unique story arc.

Fans are looking forward to "Tokyo Goul's" season 3 to be able to witness the new hero. It is speculated to land either this fall or sometime in March 2017.