'Titanic' game details: explore and drown with the ship in real-time


"Titanic: Honor and Glory" is the latest gaming title under development that allows the player to immerse themselves in an interactive recreation of the entire ship as well as its five-day journey across the Atlantic ocean. The game requires an initial crowdfunding amount of $250,000,

"Titanic: Honor and Glory" allows the player to explore every segment of the ship. In addition, the memorable real-time event of the ship sinking has also been added, which includes the placing of key characters from the actual event.

Players will be assuming the role of Owen Robert Morgan, who is a fictional American Oxford University graduate aboard the ship and has been framed for a crime that he did not commit. In order to exonerate his name, the player will be required to chase the primary villain, who is attempting to flee the country, onto the Titanic. The plot of the game will be revolving around a murder mystery, which the player has to solve in a time span of 2.5 hours or else they will go down with the ship.

Since the game is in 'free roam' mode, gamers will have the option to explore the 900 feet long and 12 story high vessel before pursuing the man responsible for framing the protagonist.

According the information posted by Mirror, the developing team of the game stated:

"In the middle of the night, the ship shakes suddenly. Mr Morgan, however, knows what's happening. The Titanic is sinking and has two hours and forty minutes until pitching 2,200 people into the sub-freezing waters."

The game's project manager, Tom Lynskey says:

"You have to explore and race against time to accomplish objectives as the ship is going down around you. Will he [Morgan] save the weak? Battle the rapidly rising waters alongside the crew or hunt down the cold-blooded murderer he's been pursuing?"

The game is expected to feature two modes:

  • Free roam
  • Story