Tim Tebow says his faith in God hits high and low points, just like everybody else

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow says, 'I really believe faith is like a muscle, and the more you work it, the stronger it grows.'(Facebook/Tim Tebow)

Although former NFL star Tim Tebow professes to have an unwavering faith in God, he admits there are times when his faith hits low points just like everybody else.

During a recent guest appearance on "Larry King Now," Tebow said his faith is like a journey, and that there are still so many things about it that he's trying to learn, develop, and understand.

He then provided an interesting comparison to faith. "I really believe faith is like a muscle, and the more you work it, the stronger it grows. Sometimes you might strain that muscle too and take a step back, and you have to get it stronger again," he said.

"I think that happens in [every] journey. You're not always strong, you're not always in the right position. You take highs and lows in that just like in anything else," Tebow said.

Meanwhile, shifting to another subject also close to his heart, Tebow also discussed the possibility of returning to the NFL. He said he does not know yet what doors will open for him in the sports arena, but that he is certain that God will guide him towards the right path.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. That's a quote I've said since I was probably 18 years old and a freshman in college, and it's one of my favourites because He has a better plan than I do, and I'm grateful for that," said Tebow.

Tebow was presented with several opportunities to extend his NFL career by changing his game position, but he does not regret being a solid quarterback.

"I think one thing that's really important in life is that we pursue our passions," Tebow said. "You pursue what's on your heart. You pursue what you're passionate about. And for me, in the game of football, is the position of quarterback. I've loved it since I was a little boy looking up to Danny Wuerffel at the University of Florida."