'The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff' DLC release date: Next content arriving 'over the next three months'


Electronic Arts has just released new content as part of the "Stuff Pack" DLC. With the "Kids Room Stuff" rolling out last month, fans now wait for another content drop for the life-simulation title.

According to a post on the official "The Sims 4" Twitter account, new "Stuff Pack" contents are on their way for release on the game. Although there is no specific date mentioned in the announcement, EA associate producer Graham Nardone assured fans that they will not have to wait long and mentioned that "The next stuff pack will be officially announced sometime over the next three months, with plenty of info to share at that time."

In the list that supposedly leaked from EA's Origin page, the next expansion to come out after last month's "Kids Room Stuff" pack is dubbed as "Backyard Stuff." Although there are no details yet on what the new content will bring, it is already expected that the DLC will be for "outside the house" content for Sims, and may be an expanded content on previous outdoor DLC packs like "Perfect Patio Stuff," "Romantic Garden Stuff," "Outdoor Retreat," and "Movie Hangouts."

Meanwhile, iDigitalTimes suspects that there is more to the teaser other than confirming the new "Backyard Stuff" pack. According to the industry observer, while the setting for the animated short is of Sims enjoying themselves on a backyard-style table (complete with lemonades and an umbrella), there may be subtle clues on other planned expansion packs. For example, the grandmother nursing a baby, with a crib at her side, hints at something nanny-like, and may even point out to a new "Stuff Pack" geared towards toddlers and babies.

The recently-released "Kids Room Stuff" is the latest content expansion for "The Sims 4," with all buildings, items, and accessories already put up in The Sims Community.