'The Foreigner' movie news: Jackie Chan performance was even enough to scare Pierce Brosnan

The Foreigner will exact his vengeanceFacebook/TheForeigner

"The Foreigner" will be out in U.S. cinemas on Oct. 13. In an STX Entertainment press release, international martial arts superstar Jackie Chan described it as the darkest film he has made yet.

The film industry icon said that there is no trace of his movie clownery in the film. Instead, his character sports a dark vengeance feel that is generally directed toward Pierce Brosnan who plays the role of Liam Henessy, a British government official.

Film director Martin Campbell ("Edge of Darkness," "Green Lantern") will show Chan's fans a grittier and ruthless side of the actor. Set in London's China Town, Quan (Chan) witnessed the death of her teenage daughter, played by Katie Leung ("Harry Potter"). Wanting to seek justice for her daughter's senseless death, Quan finds out that a conspiracy involving the government is behind the terrorist-set explosion.

The 63-year-old actor trades off his comical acrobatic moves to more precise killing strikes. Chan is also joined by "Game of Thrones" bad guy Michael Mcelhatton (Roose Bolton) who jokingly declared in a statement with Den of Geek that the martial artist is safe from him.

Adapted from Stephen Leather's novel "The Chinaman," the first trailer for the film dropped last June and it showed Chan's character transform from a humble restaurant owner to a rage-filled father who almost looks like he has lost every bit of emotion.

In the second trailer, fans see more of the action that happened in the apartment room, with Quen shooting guns and killing men. There is also a forest fight scene where the 50-year film veteran is pitted with a much younger fighter and easily won the duel.

While the film will only hit U.S. theaters on Oct. 13, fans based in China were treated to an earlier release date — Sept. 30.