'The Last Ship' news: Season 5 to premiere in 2018 with a new villain

Promotional photo for "The Last Ship's" season 5

With production for season 5 wrapped up, TNT's post-apocalyptic drama television series "The Last Ship" is expected to return in summer 2018. The show has yet to release a date for the first episode of the fifth season.

Season 4 ended with the defeat mad scientist Paul Velleck (Peter Weller) and his research documents being salvaged in order to establish a cure for the Red Rust Virus. The trailer for season 5 started with the Navy celebrating their victory and ended with a new threat. The season 5 trailer revealed a new enemy, Gustavo Barros, a Latin American revolutionary. His first salvo against the U.S. Navy was a cyber-virus.

The video also revealed his revolutionary army and his objective to defeat Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) of the USS Nathan James. The sneak peek ended with Chandler saying, "Come at us again, I dare you. This is Nathan James out."

The antagonist role will be portrayed by Cuban American actor Maurice Compte who is known for his performance in the original Netflix series, "Narcos." There is still no further background information about Compte's character.

There are several speculations for season 5. One in particular is the possibility that Vellek is still alive. There were no indications that he died after diving into raging waters.

After a false alarm caused by actor Travis Van Winkle who plays Danny Green in the series, TNT assured that there is still hope for the series to be renewed for season 6. Winkle posted a picture on his Instagram account indicating his farewell to the entire cast and crew of the series. Many fans took that post as an indication that the series will end after season 5.

With season 5 scheduled in 2018, the show is aiming to generate more viewers. Season 4's finale only got an estimate of 1.20 million viewers, according to Shot Buzz Daily.