TD Jakes' daughter Sarah engaged to Pastor Touré Roberts

Bishop TD Jakes' daughter Sarah has announced her engagement to Pastor Touré Roberts.

The pair are reportedly set to marry later this month but they've been tightlipped about the exact details of their wedding since making their engagement public.

They are both divorcees but are looking forward to building a new future together and according to Smooth R&B 105.7, they hit it off while Jakes was promoting her book "Lost and Found: Finding hope in the detours of life".

The book is an honest account of how she became a teen mother at the age of just 14 and went on to experience the breakdown of her marriage to NFL player Robert Henson after four years.

The engagement was announced at a special service at the church led by Pastor Roberts, One Church International in LA.

Roberts is a father-of-three and Jakes said their children "instantly clicked" with each other.

She added: "Every disagreement that we've had, we've always come out on the other side with a better understanding of how to love one another, and how to communicate more effectively with one another."

An engagement had been hinted at before the official announcement, with Pastor Roberts sharing a picture of the pair in a tender embrace on his Instagram.

Since the announcement, Jakes has also been on Instagram sharing with her followers how she came to find healing and real love once again.

"Fairy tales don't exist but real love does and when it comes it'll be better than any love you've ever envied," she wrote.