'Suits' season 5 spoilers: Harvey's A-list client and new expert consultant

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Season 4 of "Suits" ended with Harvey and Donna's relationship in the balance. Donna finally quit from being Harvey's assistant and went on to become Louis' secretary. 

While she is gone, the lawyer will have a really tough time. It's a good thing NBA legend Charles Barkley will decide to walk into his office one day. The celebrated Hall of Famer and former power forward will guest star as himself in episode 3 of "Suits" season 5 where he will seek Harvey's help. 

Barkley, who is a self-confessed fan of the legal drama, was ecstatic about his appearance in the series. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the current "Inside the NBA" analyst made the most out of his day off by being a guest in his favorite series and regretted nothing. 

"It's really cool for me, because when they heard me bragging about the show they invited me and I was like, 'I gotta make it work.' Right now with playoffs we're in our busy time and the only day we have off is Friday... My day off, we're going up there to Toronto," he shared. 

Although the pro basketball player was very happy with his gig outside the court, "Suits" creator Aaron Korsh, who lived in the Barkley era as he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, was the real winner in Barkley's guesting. 

"Often I get asked to put people in the show as cameos, but when I heard Charles say he is a fan of the show, to me it's very personal. I'm a huge basketball fan, I always have been. And in particular a Barkley fan. We had to get him on," he revealed. 

Meanwhile, "The Assets" star Christina Cole also gets a "Suits" stint. In season 5, the actress will play the role of a Harvard erudite psychiatrist named Dr. Paula Agard, who will lend her skills in high-end corporate consulting to Harvey and his team. It is wildly speculated that Cole's character will be a potential love interest to Harvey now that Donna is out of the picture.

"Suits" season 5 will premiere on June 24.