'Scandal' Season 7 Episode 17 release date, spoilers latest news (VIDEO): Olivia risks everything as she is summoned to tell the truth

There are only two episodes left in ABC's hit political drama thriller "Scandal," and while fans are not yet ready to bid goodbye to the bold but endearing Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), it will be interesting to know the outcome of all her efforts within the past several years in order to reach her current position in the White House.

However, the seventeenth episode of "Scandal" season 7, titled "Standing in the Sun," will see Olivia having a chance to reveal a shocking truth, which might put all of her efforts to waste.

A promotional poster for season 7 of ABC's "Scandal," featuring Kerry Washington as Olivia PopeFacebook.com/ScandalABC

According to the latest promo for "Scandal" season 7 episode 17, Olivia will receive a subpoena, ordering her to attend a court trial. It looks like the main protagonist will be tested for one last time in the series, as her testimony in the court should have only the truth.

Unfortunately, telling everything she knows, especially when it comes to the dirty business inside B613, could implicate herself and everyone else close to her. 

There is no official synopsis given yet for episode 17, which is understandable as the "Scandal" producer would not risk spilling the thrill contained in the last two episodes of the series. Although, the short teaser has a glimpse of Jakes (Scott Foley) taunting Olivia, as he is determined to take everything that he believes was his in the first place. 

The upcoming court hearing in "Scandal" season 7 episode 17 could also have something to do with the recent episode, wherein Mellie (Bellamy Young) was framed by Cyrus (Jeff Perry) for an assassination attempt. At first, Mellie thought that there would be no other way to escape this situation but to kill the culprit himself, but Olivia tried to convince her that murder is not the best option for the both of them.

Now, both Mellie and Olivia are left with no other choice but to tell nothing but the truth in order to come clean from all the allegations thrown against them.

"Scandal" season 7 episode 17 will air next Thursday, April 12th at its new timeslot, 10 p.m. EST on ABC.