Roma Downey tells Rick Warren Holy Spirit had to be biggest part of A.D.The Bible Continues TV show

Title tile for the series 'A.D.: The Bible Continues'Photo: Facebook/A.D.: The Bible Continues' Facebook page

The Holy Spirit is the biggest part of the NBC series 'A.D. The Bible Continues,' the show's executive producer Roma Downey told Saddleback pastor Rick Warren.

'A. D: The BIble Continues' is a 12-episode sequel to the NBC hit miniseries 'The Bible,' and portrays the days following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its impact on his mother Mary, his followers and the religious leaders of the period.

It also depicts the experiences of the Twelve Apostles, who were commanded to go and spread the Word of God in a world shaped by political unrest, and take the first steps to establishing one of the most influential religions today.

The first episode aired on April 5 on Easter Sunday to positive reviews on social media.

After the series presented its third episode last Sunday, executive producer Roma Downey sat down for an interview with Pastor Warren and her husband and series co-producer Mark Burnett.

In the interview, Downey said she knew that the Holy Spirit was going to play a big part in the entire series, Breathecast reports.

"We knew that a big part of this story was going to be and had to be the Holy Spirit," Downey told the influential pastor, "because I believe that once the heart is open then grace and God moves in and does the rest."

Downey revealed that they always thought of the Holy Spirit as the "star of the show," and described its first appearance in the third episode as "spectacular."

The Holy Spirit featured prominently in the third episode, "Pentecost," when it descended from heaven to fill the hearts and minds of the Twelve Apostles and other disciples of Jesus Christ during the Jewish feast of the Pentecost. This event is considered the beginning of the Christian church as it heralded the beginning of the Apostles' ministry to spread the Word of God.