Respected Bible teacher and writer David Pawson dies aged 90

David Pawson(Photo: YouTube/David Pawson official)

The respected Bible teacher and writer David Pawson has died aged 90. 

He passed away peacefully on Thursday morning. 

The evangelical minister, who was born in England in 1930, was a prolific writer and speaker, publishing dozens of books and hundreds of videos of his talks. 

He started out as a Methodist minister, receiving his MA in theology from Wesley House, in Cambridge, before going on to pastor Guildford Baptist Church for many years. 

His work was broad, covering everything from salvation and the Sinner's Prayer, to male leadership, Hell, eschatology, the Holy Spirit, Islam and Zionism. 

David Landrum, the Evangelical Alliance's Director of Advocacy was among the Christians paying tribute on Twitter. 

"What an extraordinary bible teacher. He had a huge impact on me when I was saved 29 years ago. Eternally grateful," he said. 

Many of those paying tribute drew comparisons with Ravi Zacharias, another prominent Christian leader who passed away earlier in the week. 

James Prentice, pastor of Life Church, Lincoln, said: "I'm so thankful for the lives of Ravi Zacharias and David Pawson, who both went to glory this week! Two people who I have learned so, so much from. What legacies they leave! Their lives show we shouldn't just seek to know about God but that we should seek to be 'known' by him too."