'Percy Jackson: Titan's Curse' rumors: Will the franchise come back to life?

20th Century Fox Pictures InternationalLogan Lerman played Percy Jackson, the titular character of the "Percy Jackson" film series.

"Percy Jackson: Titan's Curse" was supposed to be the third movie in the "Percy Jackson" film series, which is based on author Rick Riordan's five-book series of the same name. So far, only the first two novels have had film adaptations, and there is no word on when — if ever — the third movie will come out. However, there is an Off-Broadway musical based on the series, which is set to go on tour this year.

The first film in the series, "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," came out in 2010. Meanwhile, the sequel "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" came out in 2013. The third installment was expected to be released later on, although the film never materialized.

As a result, rumors swirled around the fate of the franchise. According to a 2014 report by MTV, actor Logan Lerman, who played the titular character Percy Jackson in the films, said that a third film in the franchise was "not happening." However, in a later interview with The Independent, Lerman denied ever making those claims, clarifying that he actually said that he did not know anything about what was happening with the third film.

The actor said that he was under contract to do three "Percy Jackson" films. However, he also said that a third film was unlikely.

Even if the third installment were in the works now, the actors in the first two films would be too old to return to their roles. In the books, the story began with Percy being 12 years old, although he and his friends were aged up to 17 for the movies. The characters would still be teenagers in the third film, but Lerman, in particular, is already 26. Actress Alexandra Daddario, who played Percy's friend and love interest Annabeth Chase in the films, is now 31.

Thus, if a third movie were to ever come to be, Lerman and the actors would likely be replaced.

There were also rumors that the television network The CW bought the rights to the "Percy Jackson" books from 20th Century Fox, and that the network had plans to do a television show based on the books. However, Riordan himself denied those rumors.