Pastor and his 3-year-old son killed in Nigeria

Pastor Leviticus Makpa and his son, both killed in a Fulani herdsmen attack.(Photo: Facebook)

A pastor and his 3-year-old son have been killed in an attack by radicalised Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

Leviticus Makpa, 39, and his son Godsend were killed in an attack on their home in Kamberi village, Niger state, Morning Star News reports. 

His wife and daughter managed to escape the attack on May 21. 

It is reportedly not the first time Makpa was targeted for his faith. 

An associate, Samuel Solomon, told the website, "Fulani bandits came against them, they hid in the cave to save their lives, and after they left, he went back to the field with his family; how many of us can do this?

"He eventually lost his life and that of his son; the wife and daughter escaped. He knew his life was at stake, but burden for souls won't let him run away from the field."

Solomon said that Makpa had established the only Christian school in the village and had "raised many souls". 

"He came and attended the last Christian conference with us, and we had planned on how to adopt him as our missionary, but painfully he has joined the league of martyrs in Heaven," he said.

"His blood will testify over the land and also against the insecurity of a corrupt Islamist government in Nigeria."

He believes the attackers want to eradicate Christianity in the region. 

"Pastor Makpa had no money, in fact, the community he is serving has no basic social services provided by the government. So, what were the herdsmen looking for?" he said.

"Definitely it couldn't have been money, their mission was to obliterate the church."