OnlyFans ban on sexually explicit content welcomed

(Photo: Unsplash/Christian Wiediger)

Christian campaign group CARE has given a cautious welcome to OnlyFans' decision to ban adult content after coming under pressure from banking partners and payment processors.

The website allows content creators to charge their 'fans' for accessing their content. While the social media platform hosts videos on a range of topics, it has become best known for pornography. 

From 1 October, OnlyFans will be banning sexually explicit content but will still allow some nude photos and videos within an updated policy, with more guidance to be released at a later date.

OnlyFans said, "In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines." 

The move has been welcomed by CARE, which said the change could "disincentivise exploitation". 

Lauren Agnew, Human Trafficking Officer at CARE, said: "Current rules provide bad actors with a legal means of extorting money from women. Vulnerable users are at risk of falling victim to human traffickers seeking to groom and exploit them.

"A curb of sexually explicit content could reduce the likelihood of exploitation by making explicit and pornographic content unprofitable. We await further detail from OnlyFans on the substance of new rules."

Ms Agnew added: "It is also positive that OnlyFans is being pushed by financial partners to verify the age of users. We believe all platforms that host sexually explicit content, including social media platforms and porn sites, should verify the age and consent of users or face penalties. We call again on Ministers to enact these safeguards."