Matthew West apologises for 'Modest is Hottest' parody video

Christian artist Matthew West

Matthew West has apologised for a parody video telling his two young daughters to dress modestly. 

The Christian singer released the "Modest is Hottest" video on Instagram as a joke for Father's Day.

His daughters and wife were part of the act, appearing in the video dressed in turtlenecks and beige slacks.

In the song, West said, "Modest is hottest, the latest fashion trend is a little more Amish, a little less Kardashian/ What the boys really love is a turtleneck and a sensible pair of slacks/ Honey, modest is hottest, sincerely, your dad."

At the time, he explained that it was his "ridiculously silly way of reminding [my kids] that their appearance doesn't define them."

But the video sparked a backlash from others, including Christians, who said girls and women should be free to wear what they want without judgement.

Worship artist Audrey Assad claimed the video was "demeaning to men and women," while Pastor Jeremy Coleman told Newsweek his issue was "with purity culture as a whole."

"We are telling our daughters and young women that their body image should be defined by someone else's opinion," he said.

"Women should feel confident, comfortable, and free to dress and express themselves however they want. Telling them to dress a certain way to be 'less attractive' is reverse body shaming."

West has now pulled the video and issued an apology on his Instagram. 

"I'm blessed to be the father of two amazing daughters," he said.

"I wrote a song poking fun at myself for being an over-protective dad and my family thought it was funny. The song was created as satire, and I realize some people did not receive it as it was intended.

"I've taken the feedback to heart. The last thing I want is to distract from the real reason why I make music: to spread a message of hope and love to the world."