'Mario Kart 8' DLC release date: pack 3 tipped to launch in 2017

"Mario Kart 8" for the Wii UNintendo

The official Twitter account of Nintendo Europe recently posted a photo of the Kalimari Desert track from "Mario Kart 64" and along with it the caption that reads "Good things come to those who wait." A hashtag for "Mario Kart 8" is also included, causing rumors to spread that Nintendo is launching a third DLC pack for the Wii U game. 

As stated in a report from Gamer Zone, the Twitter accounts for Italy, Spain and France have also posted the same photo and caption. While it is common for companies to release the same image for different countries, it is also noted as a business tactic to market something to an international market.  

Fans speculate that if Nintendo is indeed going to release a third DLC pack for "Mario Kart 8" then the image is an indication that it will focus on bringing back tracks and elements from older games in the franchise, such as the featured Kalimari Desert track. 

Gamer Zone also points out that the Wii U is basically a dead console as of the moment given how there are no new games coming out, third-party support has been halted and even Nintendo is shifting its focus to their new console, the upcoming Nintendo NX. 

It is possible that this means "Mario Kart 8" will be ported to the NX and will receive further support on a new console or that this is the final DLC for the Wii U game before Nintendo launches "Mario Kart 9" on the NX. 

The featured image, the Kalimari Desert track, was used in "Mario Kart 7" for the 3DS and other older tracks have reappeared in the "Mario Kart" games over the years. The first two DLC packs for "Mario Kart 8," however, notably did not focus on bringing back old tracks but incoprorated elements from "The Legend of Zelda" and "Animal Crossing."