Kid Rock on his new music: Jesus and Hank Williams Jr 'help me to live my life'

Kid Rock will release his tenth studio album on Feb. 24.Photo: Reuters/Rebecca Cook

Kid Rock is coming back with his tenth studio album, First Kiss, and he hopes to come back with a bang.

The new album is packed with songs of various styles and messages, including a country track that pays tribute to Jesus and Hank Williams Jr.

Kid Rock, 42, honours the two in the track "Jesus and Bocephus." The track was made available this Tuesday for digital download. In the track, Rock's voice floats clearly over melodies from an organ and the voice of backup singers, singing, "I got Jesus and Bocephus... [t]hey both help me to live my life."

Rock has stated in an interview with the Rolling Stone that he intends to make a comeback since 2012's Rebel Soul.

"That was a bad album," Rock said of his previous effort. He then stated that the album was not good enough because he "didn't spend enough time on it at all."

"So this one is more pressure," the musician concluded.

The album is poised to be a roller coaster of sorts. In the titular track, Kid Rock reminisces over his high school days and driving in his first truck with his crush. "First Kiss" has Rock remembering the days when there was "[n]o money but time to spend" for him and his high school friends in an "old Chevy"

Aside from Jesus and Hank Williams Jr., Rock also pays tribute to his brother in the track "Hopping Around." The artist told Rolling Stone that his brother lost a leg when they were kids, and they would play together by hopping around on one leg. "We grew up together like that, so, this is funny as s***," he recalled.

Rock says that the album will not be "politically correct," a reference to his campaign for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. "But it says what's going on," Rock said at the conclusion of the interview.

The album "First Kiss" comes out on February 24.