Kathie Lee Gifford out to debunk 'myths' about Jesus' life, claims He wasn't a carpenter

"Today" show host Kathie Lee Gifford is hoping to debunk what she describes as various 'myths' about Jesus, and with the release of her new book, she is hoping to share what she has learned about Jesus of Nazareth and how important the Word of God is to her in her life. 

Gifford has just released a new book called "The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi," and through it, she discussed her life-changing trip to Israel and what she learned about Jesus. Gifford explained that in the title of her book, the "Rock" is Jesus, because He is the one she has built her life on. The "road" pertains to Israel, while the "rabbi" is the actual word of God.

Kathie Lee Gifford took a life-changing trip to Israel and shared her newfound insight in the book, 'The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi.'(Facebook/Kathie Lee Gifford)

"What I learned has transformed my life - by studying the original Greek, the original Hebrew and how many myths are out there. I learned that Jesus was not a carpenter, but he was a stonemason because there was nothing but rock in Israel then," she claims in a video message about her book.

Gifford added that there were several revelations about Jesus that truly "rocked her world," so she went on the enlightening trip to the Holy Land with Messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel. Rabbi Sobel also offered his insight on her book, and Gifford credited him for sharing his knowledge about the Hebrew language, culture, and heritage.

While talking about her book with Dr. Oz, Gifford stressed the need to read the Bible because the only way to survive life is to memorize Scripture and rely on it.

"The Word of the Lord never returns void," Gifford stressed. "I know there are many different interpretations of the Bible. This is what I believe to be true."

Gifford finds comfort in the fact that God and His Word remain a constant thing in this ever-changing world. "I have the assurance that even though I don't know my future, I know who holds my future," she said.