K-pop news 2018: Red Velvet goes retro with new track 'Bad Boy'

Promotional photo for Red Velvet's new track "Bad Boy"Facebook/Red Velvet

Korean pop sensation Red Velvet is opening 2018 with its most fiery track yet. The quintet dropped the music video for its new track "Bad Boy" on Monday, sending fans into a frenzy for their first ever sultry act.

The five-member group, composed of Irene (Bae Joo Hyun), Yeri (Kim Ye Rim), Joy (Park Soo Young), Seulgi (Kang Seul Gi) and Wendy (Song Seung Wan), have come a long way since they released their debut track "Happiness" in 2014.

The girls, with ages ranging from 18 to 26, confidently sported sexy leather outfits and netted stockings in the music video for "Bad Boy," which talks about how they are trying to seduce a bad boy. The girls are keen on achieving their sultry mission in the clip, although it seems as if the four young ladies are keen on protecting their youngest member Yeri, who is now only 18 years old.

The clip is a great contrast with "Peek-a-Boo," which was released in November with vibrant hues and quirky moves.

"Bad Boy" is one of the three new tracks in Red Velvet's re-packaged album "The Perfect Red Velvet," which is an extended version of its world chart-topping album "Perfect Velvet," which was released in November 2017. The two other tracks are "All Right" and "Time to Love." All follow the group's theme of retro disco.

The arrival of Red Velvet's re-packaged album comes at the same time as Suzy's (Bae Su Ji) mini-album "Faces of Love." The former vocalist of Miss A does not seem fazed by the competition, however.

In a press conference held ahead of her album's release, Suzy said she is among Red Velvet's millions of fans around the world. "I am really looking foreward to it," she told reporters. "I am happy that we will be promoting together."

Both albums dropped on Jan. 29.