'iZombie' season 3 air date, news: Show airs again in early 2017; season 3 to be the last?

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"iZombie" season 2 did not perform as well as the premiere season, but the show has been renewed for at least one more go. However, season 3 won't be premiering anytime soon as it has been pushed back to early 2017, and it may be the final season for the show.

As per a report from Master Herald, showrunner Rob Thomas had confirmed that Liv (Rose McIver) was going to have a more fortunate love life in season 3. Fans of the series will recall that Liv's previous love interests either died or became a zombie just like she did.

This may indicate Liv is going to finally find someone who accepts her as a zombie, and they can live together happily, which may be Major (Robert Buckley), or someone new. It is also unknown if this means Liv will have some form of romance as a zombie or if she will eventually revert back to being a regular human being.

However, because of the possibilities of Liv having a happy romantic story, fans speculate that this could also spell the end of the show. The second season saw a drop in viewership ratings, and the critical reviews were not as high as they were for season 1.

This could mean season 3 will end the story and see Liv, and her significant other, revert back to becoming humans while also discovering a more permanent cure to treat the other infected zombies. It is also possible that the series just ends on an unresolved cliffhanger.

The CW and Rob Thomas have yet to confirm or if this will indeed be the case.

Season 3 has no official premiere date yet, but it is going to be released sometime early next year. Given that season 1 premiered in March 2015, it is possible that the series will continue in March or April 2017.