How Christians Should Deal With Office Gossip


The workplace can be a toxic area when employees indulge in gossip. Chuck Bentley, CEO of the largest Christian financial ministry in the world called Crown, says misuse of words harms people, which explains why the Bible contains warnings against careless language.

Bentley shares tips on how Christians can navigate through office gossip. His first advice is never to gossip or join those who do. "A good rule of thumb is to say nothing behind someone's back that you would not say to his or her face — because it's likely your words will get out," he says.

He also advises not to associate with people who are quick to criticise or express anger, because these people enjoy conflicts. "Look for people who exhibit an ability to forgive and forget and who don't feel the need to repeat the failings of others," he says. "Pay attention to those who choose their words carefully. When they do speak, they probably have more to say worth hearing, and they will be better at keeping your confidences."

Bentley also says Christians should never boast or brag, because these things are a turn-off for most people.

He also reminds that it's always good for people to measure their words before speaking. People have all said things they later feel guilty about, and if this happens, Bentley says people should make it a point to make right with the people they have offended.

Lastly, Bentley tells Christians to be discerning and never lie, use flattery, or manipulate. "We are called to be a representative of Jesus Christ in the work place, and those who know you are a Christian will observe your work ethic, your treatment of others, your ability to be kind or cruel," he says. "Make sure that when you finally get the chance to speak, that your words match up with the way you treat others."