'House of Cards' season 4 spoilers: Will troubled couple Frank and Claire adopt a baby?

House of Cards' Kevin Spacy and Robin Wright

"House of Cards" season 3 ended with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) going separate ways. However, a recent report from MovieNewsGuide indicates they might not be splitting permanently. 

Rumor mills say that Claire may go up against Frank in the elections. However, the news of a younger, British couple — with "Scream" veteran actress Neve Campbell possibly cast as the female counterpart —may threaten them and may put them together.

However, the report also delves into Frank's struggle with his sexuality. 

It was revealed back in season 1 that he had a relationship with a man, and now rumors of his bi-sexuality are spreading. If Claire and Frank get back together, they'll need to silence these rumors and the report indicates they might adopt a baby to do so. 

This might not seal the lips of their most powerful detractors and it might even fume more flames against the younger couple that will reportedly challenge them in season 4, but it will put to rest much of the rumors in the media. It may also help Claire and Frank stick together instead of divorcing. 

Neither Netflix nor the actors have made any comment regarding the possibility of the Underwoods adopting a child, but It is still speculated that it is part of the couple's political strategy. 

Season 4 is also rumored to see the return of the "Frank and Doug" dynamic and Doug (Michael Kelly) may be pulled in specifically to help the Underwoods with this new undertaking. That is, of course, if he isn't killed off too soon. 

Given how Frank is willing to go great lengths to fight back, even to the point of murder, then adopting a baby doesn't sound too radical. 

"House of Cards" season 4 has no premiere date as of the time of writing but it is expected to premiere next year in February, similar to previous seasons.