Hasbro provokes backlash after making Mr Potato Head gender neutral

(Photo: Hasbro)

Toymaker Hasbro sparked an online backlash this week after announcing that it would be dropping the "Mr" from its Mr Potato Head toy. 

Mr Potato Head is one of the most popular toys to be feature in the hit Toy Story movie franchise from Disney and Pixar. 

Notably, his character was known for insisting on the "Mr", with "That's Mr Potato Head to you" being one of the memorable lines from the movie. 

Hasbro announced on Thursday that the toy was being "reimagined for the modern consumer" and that "Mr" was being removed from packaging from autumn.

It said the new version would give children "endless" opportunities to create their own families.  

"Hasbro is making sure all feel welcome in the Potato Head world by officially dropping the Mr from the Mr Potato Head brand name and logo to promote gender equality and inclusion," it said in a statement. 

But the toymaker was mocked online after the announcement. 

TalkRADIO's Mark Dolan called Mr Potato Head the "latest victim of cancel culture" and of "woke political correctness gone mad".

"It is a shocking story, it is a disgrace," he said. 

"He's a potato! Please leave well alone. Welcome to the crazy world of 2021."

GMB presenter Piers Morgan tweeted that there were more important things to be getting on with in the middle of a global pandemic than making Mr Potato Head gender-neutral "in case we upset a few wokies". 

Hasbro has since clarified that Mr and Mrs Potato Head "aren't going anywhere" and will still be available to buy.