Has Bono converted to Catholicism?

Has Bono finally found what he was looking for, in the form of Catholicism?

The star was pictured receiving Eucharist during Catholic Mass the morning after performing in Bogota, Colombia. 

Twitter / @kates_U2Bono, as pictured by social media users, receiving communion during Mass in Bogota.

Born to a Catholic father and Protestant mother, the singer has always been open in sharing his faith. He has spoken of how he reads the scriptures and prays with his wife and children in their home. In a 2016 interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the singer stated that being Protestant in a largely Catholic country [Ireland], felt 'a bit strange at times'.

The image was shared widely online but could provoke controversy with the Catholic Church.

Under Canon Law, non-Catholics are forbidden from receiving communion except in exceptional circumstances as the ritual is considered a sacred statement of faith.

Perhaps Bono was simply stuck in a moment he couldn't get out of. 

It comes after Jeremy Corbyn faced criticism last month from the Latin Mass Society for his 'complete disrespect' of the Catholic faith after he allegedly received communion during the funeral service of former GMB president, Mary Turner.

Bono is yet to comment on the incident but is unafraid to be public about his faith, previously urging young Christian worship leaders to be 'raw' in their music.

'I want to hear a song about the breakdown in your marriage, I want to hear songs of justice, I want to hear rage at injustice and I want to hear a song so good that it makes people want to do something about the subject,' he said.