Girl in car crash says Jesus spoke to her before her miraculous recovery: 'He has green eyes and scraggly hair'

Kyla Roberts says Jesus 'told me that he loves me and he's ready for me to come home, but not quite yet.'(Screenshot/CBS 6)

Jesus has "green eyes and scraggly hair." He also smelled like "fresh clothes out of a dryer."

That was the description of the Lord given by one blessed girl from Oklahoma who miraculously survived a horrific car crash on March 6 where she was thrown out from a vehicle with her head hitting the ground, KWTV reports.

Kyla Roberts, 14, spoke about her near-death experience where she attested to have seen, heard and even smelled Jesus while in heaven after coming out of a month-long coma at Oklahoma University Medical Center.

While she was in bed, in a coma after her brain surgery, Kyla said Jesus appeared and spoke to her.

"I was sitting on his lap and his is very big," Kyla told a KWTV reporter while sitting at her hospital bed. "He told me that he loves me and he's ready for me to come home, but not quite yet. And then I woke up here."

Kyla, who underwent two emergency brain surgeries, said she also saw heaven but could not describe it in full, noting only that "it was too bright."

Doctors called Kyla's recovery a stroke a miracle.

"Her brain bounced so hard in her head, she had temporal lobe fractures," mother Stephanie Roberts said. "[The doctors] told us we have to take her into surgery now, or she's going to die. [They said she was] probably going to die anyway."

This was not the first time that Jesus was reported to have appeared in a vision to save people on the brink of death.

A listing of the reported visions of Jesus by people who have had near-death experiences is provided in the website

According to that website, "some of the experiences are humorous but that all of them are profound."

Those who have had near-death experiences and seen Jesus in their mind's eye have provided various descriptions of the Lord. However, He "appears to us in a way that we can recognise him," one of those who have seen Him says.

Valvita Jones says Jesus has "dark brown and light red, wavy hair; blue, piercing, transparent eyes and olive and light golden skin."

Lorraine Tutmarc describes Him as having "auburn, wavy hair; and beautiful, large, full of meaning eyes."

A certain Susan says Jesus has "dark brown hair and dark brown eyes."

A certain Clara notes that Jesus has "dark brown, shoulder length hair; dark eyes with black around eyelids, eyes of liquid love; and olive skin."