'Dragon Ball Super' episode 131 news: Latest finale teaser includes a shocking 'GT' reference

The popular anime series "Dragon Ball Super" is down to its final two episodes. The last stretch of the series' Tournament of Power arc will be focused on the intense showdown between Son Goku and Jiren. The Saiyan warrior from Universe 7 has achieved an amazing feat in the previous episode after reaching the final Ultra Instinct form. Still, no one knowns how episode 131 is going to turn out, although it is interesting to note that the episode title has a special reference to a related anime series, "Dragon Ball GT."

Official poster for Toei Animation's "Dragon Ball Super"YouTube/DBSAnimations

As reported by Comic Book, the title of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 131 might have been derived from the final episode of "Dragon Ball GT." The episode 131 title is "A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!" which is similar to the final "GT" episode with the title "Farewell Goku...Until We Meet Again" 

It is now speculated that "Dragon Ball GT," which is outside Akira Toriyama's original "Dragon Ball" universe, might have something to do with the outcome of "Dragon Ball Super." The episode 131 title could have been a clapback to the final episode of "Dragon Ball Z," titled "Even Stronger!! Goku's Dream Is Super Huge!" 

Possibly, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 131 will serve as an open-ended finale, similar to the "GT" finale that implied more adventure coming up for Goku and his friends. The fans are looking forward to see the continuation of the "Dragon Ball Super" storyline, as Toriyama added a lot of interesting developments in the show, like the Super Saiyan God transformation and recently, the Ultra Instinct form.

Meanwhile, an unverified Animage magazine scan containing the spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 131 was posted by Hachima. The leaked plot synopsis does not bode well for Son Goku and the Universe 7, as the Saiyan appears to have been disqualified from the Tournament of Power after falling from the arena. As the Universe 7 is on the verge of getting obliterated as a consequence, Jiren will plan to kill the gods present at the tournament, including the Omni-god Zeno himself. 

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 131 will be aired in Japan in the last week of March.