Christians in Afghanistan tell of death threats

America's 20 year war in Afghanistan came to a chaotic end after the Taliban reclaimed power in a matter of days.(Photo: Channel 4 News)

Christian satellite TV channel SAT-7 has described harrowing messages from viewers in Afghanistan fearing for their lives under the Taliban.

One Afghan who came to Christ two years ago told the channel the situation was "hell" and they are looking for a way out of the country.

"For quite a while I was inviting my relatives and close people around me to get to know Christ, but sadly in the past two to three days, my family and I have received death threats," they said.

"In this emergency situation, I have no other way but to escape from the country. Please be our voice, please help us to be heard so that we can flee from this hell as soon as possible."

Another message from a father said, "I came to Christ a year ago. The Kabul situation is dreadful. Please help us! The lives of my eight-year-old daughter and my own are both in danger."

One 16-year-old girl said, "People are terrified. Everyone is afraid and scared of the Taliban... I'm crying out to God right now; someone please help us."

Although SAT-7 is not on the ground in Afghanistan, its SAT-7 PARS channel broadcasts Christian programmes into the country in Dari, one of two official languages there, and Farsi, which is understood by most Afghans.

In addition to social media platforms, SAT-7 also runs a counselling phone line which has been receiving calls from viewers in Afghan left fearful by the Taliban takeover.

"We are receiving prayer requests from our Afghan viewers," says Panayiotis Keenan, Executive Director of SAT-7 PARS.

"They are afraid, facing a dangerous and uncertain future, and they feel abandoned. We continue to stand by them and support them through our programmes and Audience Relations teams."

Reza Jafari, Creativity Manager of SAT-7 PARS, said, "The situation in Afghanistan escalated shockingly fast since Friday.

"We are heartbroken at the plight of the Afghan people and exploring the best ways we can support them in both the immediate and long-term future."

Keenan is asking people around the world to join in praying for the people of Afghanistan.

"Pray for all those impacted by the violence and those seeking a means of escaping the country," he said.

"Please pray that the rights of Afghanistan's women, children, and men will not be ignored and will be upheld. Pray against violence and oppression. Pray for Christians and ethnic minorities who fear being singled out and targeted.

"Pray for hope, mercy, justice, and healing in Afghanistan."