Christian shop owners fined £17,000 for staying open during lockdown

(Photo: YouTube/TheGreatReopening)

The owners of a Christian card and bookshop in Worcestershire have been hit £17,000 in fines for refusing to close during lockdown. 

Grace Cards and Books in Droitwich received its fourth £10,000 fine from Wychavon District Council last week. 

Owners Alasdair and Lydia Walker-Cox believe they should be allowed to trade because their shop sells items offered by other stores, like newspapers and confectionary, that have been allowed to remain open, Worcester News reports. 

The district council maintains that the shop is non-essential. 

In video footage of a visit to the shop by the police, Mrs Walker-Cox can be heard saying: "A garden centre is open from 10 to 6, what is essential about that?"

When she is told that other shops have closed, she responds: "That is easy for you to say. When the rubber hits the road, if it was you who didn't have a job and can't provide for your family and can't pay your bills then it would be different."

She told Worcester News that she and her husband are prepared to go to court to stay open.

"We are willing to fight it all the way," she said. 

Wychavon District Council has said it is considering court action or forced closure to stop the shop from operating during the lockdown.