Christian activist says he asked baker for 'God hates sin' on cake, not 'God hates gays'

Azucar Bakery owner Marjorie Silva(Photo: Facebook/Azucar Bakery)

The controversy over a cake order protesting gay marriage continues, as the man who placed the order says  he not intend for either cake to read "God hates gays."

Bakery owner Marjorie Silva refused the order because of the alleged anti-gay language, but Christian activist Bill Jack said he asked for a biblical message, not "God hates gays."

"I requested two cakes each in the shape of an open Bible," he told the Christian Post in an interview on Thursday.

"On the first cake I requested on one page, 'God hates sin – Psalm 45:7,' and on the facing page, 'Homosexuality is a detestable sin – Leviticus 18:22.'

"On the second cake I requested on one page, 'God loves sinners,' and on the facing page, 'While we were yet sinners Christ died for us – Romans 5:8,' he continued. 

"I also requested a decoration of two groomsmen holding hands with a cross in the background with a ghostbusters symbol over it to illustrate that such a union is unacceptable biblically."

The cake order was placed at Azucar Bakery in Denver in March 2014. Ms Silva had a different recollection of Jack's written request. 

"After I read it, I was like 'No way,'" Silva told KUSA last month. "We're not doing this. This is just very discriminatory and hateful.'"

Silva claims she was not allowed to make a copy of Jack's request, and there is no written correspondence to verify either parties version of events.

When Silva refused to fulfil the order, Jack filed a complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Regulatory Agencies., alleging that he was discriminated against based on his creed.

The Department is expected to decide whether the case will move forward in May.