Christian singer Fantasia praises God after brother walks again months after accident

God heals the broken.

Xavier Barrino, brother of Christian singer Fantasia Barrino, was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Charlotte, North Carolina last September. Doctors told him that there was a real chance that he might never walk again, but God is good to the Barrino family, and after many months following the accident, Xavier has began walking again.

Christian singer Fantasia Barrino praised God for helping her brother, Xavier, stand again after his motorcycle accident.(PHOTO: Facebook/Fantasia)

Fantasia was so happy and proud to see her brother's achievement that she shared the happy news on Instagram (@fantasia). In the post, she uploaded a video showing Xavier standing up and wrote: "My Father is Awesome @xavierbarrino I'm so proud of you baby. You never gave up the fight. I told y'all he would walk again and I'm standing on that 'He will.' Father thank you."

Fantasia has stood by her brother's side ever since he got into the accident. Doctors might have thought Xavier would never be able to use his legs again, but Fantasia knew better. Her faith in God sustained their family amid the ordeal.

"You can't tell me God can't. @xavierbarrino you will walk again," she shared in a social media post last December. "I make him workout and he gets a little upset with me but after he says ( I'm coming out of this Tasia for my Kids)."

The singer has also extended her thanks to the medical professionals who never gave up on her brother, and worked tirelessly with him so he could get up on his own two feet again.

"Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and physical therapists over at CMC Main for all you've done for my brother," she wrote. "God gave all of you the wisdom and the knowledge to do what you do for all of the people in this place."