Christian faith-based waterpark that 'glorifies God' to be opened by Splash Kingdom owner

Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks

Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks President and CEO Johnny Blevins announced Tuesday that he plans to open another waterpark that will be centered on his Christian faith.

Blevins operates waterparks in Canton and Hudson Oaks, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana. He is also a member of the Faith-Based Amusement Association. The proposed Brazoria, Texas attraction will uphold Splash Kingdom's mission statement.

"Our goal is to glorify God while providing a fun, safe recreational area for families," Blevins told the Houston Chronicle on Tuesday.

"We're a very family friendly business."

According to their website, Splash Kingdom waterparks do not allow thongs, "excessively revealing swimwear," denim, or alcohol in their premises.

"We reserve the right to ask a guest to use a cover-up if swimwear is deemed inappropriate," they say in the Frequently Asked Questions. Guests may also be asked to cover up tattoos that have nude images or vulgar language.

The company's homepage features a portion of Matthew 6:33: "Seek the Kingdom."

In a 2006 inteview, Blevins said that there are other ways that Splash Kingdom glorifies the Lord.

"We take great pleasure in sharing our faith and praying with all of our employees," he told Church Solutions Magazine. "Second, we have some of our favorite Bible verses around the park and play Christian music all the time. Hopefully, as we interact with our guests and employees, we're showing Christ's love for others."

He also added that although the organization's Christian faith is not "in your face," their faith-based model has been successful.

"We don't use the cross as a marketing tool, but we have had tremendous support and success in partnering with churches," Blevins said.

Blevins founded the company in 2006.

The proposed attraction is expected to be on the Brazoria ballot in their November election, and a Greenville, Texas location will open in 2015.