Cellular phone radiation can cause cancer, other health woes, meta-study confirms

ReutersYoung girls take pictures using their cell phones during a US Open tennis match in New York.

Most of us have been warned that frequent use of cellular phones will not only cause poor eyesight and problems with the fingers. There has also been a widespread, albeit unconfirmed belief that cell phones have harmful radiation that may cause cancer.

Now, a new research has confirmed this longstanding fear about the use of cell phones. Based on a review of 100 studies, this meta-study has established that low intensity radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted by mobile phones has an adverse effect on human living cells and can cause damage to the DNA.

The research, published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, found out that the radiation from mobile devices causes a condition called "oxidative stress," in which the human body loses the ability to repair damage to itself due to the production of very high rates of harmful radicals.

Igor Yakymenko, the author of the study, reached this conclusion after going through 100 currently available peer-reviewed studies on RFR—93 of which linked this radiation from cell phones to oxidative stress in biological systems.

"These data are a clear sign of the real risks this kind of radiation poses for human health," Yakymenko warned.

What kind of damage can cell phone radiation cause to the body? The research points out not only simple health problems, such as headaches and fatigue, but also serious health concerns such as cancer.

In fact, the researcher further said that individuals who are exposed to cell phone radiation for 20 minutes each day for five years are more likely to develop brain tumour.

Cell phone exposure for an hour a day for a span of four years can meanwhile increase the risk of developing other tumours by up to 500 percent.

The risk is even higher for children since they are more vulnerable to RFR damage, according to the meta-study.

The research suggested less use of cellular phones and the more frequent use of hands-free devices to keep radiation away from the head.