Applications to 'spend a year in God's time' at Lambeth Palace open today

16 people will live full time at Lambeth PalaceReuters

Applications opened today for young men and women to become a monk or nun for a year at Lambeth Palace, the London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Community of St Anselm is seeking its first members, young Christians aged 20 to 35, to "come and spend a year in God's time."

They will spend the year in a "radical Jesus-centred community of prayer, study and serving local communities."

Archbishop Justin Welby is seeking both residential and non-residential members.

The website says: "Any follower of Jesus, aged 20-35 and in good standing with their own church, is welcome to apply to join the Community. We are hoping for a wonderfully broad range of members from across many different denominations and church traditions, and many different cultures.

"As we live and pray and serve together, we learn to hold our differences before God and love one another – to pursue reconciliation and understanding, in the context of our love for God and for the world around us."

Members may include lay and ordained, existing monks and nuns and theology graduates. "The only prerequisite is a willingness to be transformed and to learn," the website says.

Married people can apply, although not if they have children and only if both spouses do so. "If married, both spouses must apply for membership, as such an immersive experience may be radically transformative for each," the website adds.

Members will subscribe to a Benedictine-style Rule of Life which will cover issues such as money and relationships.

The Archbishop is seeking 16 people to live at Lambeth Palace full-time, and up to 40 non-residential members.